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Defence, Naval & Aviation

Naval, Aviation and Defence Procurement

Procuring and supplying for these areas of business is diverse, demanding and specialised.

ManSys is designed with unparalleled understanding of the challenges of this complex area of business and is used by multiple (undisclosed) governments to assist with the highly complex and demanding world of defence procurement and supply.

Due to the high stress under which machinery and equipment in this sector frequently operates, tracking the service histories and maintenance periods of individual components can be vital for efficient logistics.  Mansys can be customised to track any aspect of a product including custom user-set variables, allowing you to ensure that high-quality products get where they need to go.

We chose ManSys as it was a fully integrated quotations, procurement, sales order processing and stock control solution designed specifically for our type of business. It had the full audit trail required by MoD and we would only ever enter data once, much of that electronically. We felt it offered good value at the time and it is now invaluable to us.
Director – International Military Aviation Parts Company.

Defence, Naval & Aviation needs

What ManSys provides

Submit profitable and exact tendersUtilises flexible and sophisticated costings to ensure profitability & provides full historical data searches by customer, part or equivalents
To provide excellent service to the end beneficiaries from initial sourcing to documentationProduction of documentation in any format with full colour, fonts and graphics with pass on function to ensure efficiency and flow control to ensure mistakes are almost eradicated
To handle multiple references for a single part and deal with complex and special spare parts with varying specificationsCaters for unlimited equivalent references per part and holds serial numbers and batch numbers with associated information
Deal with complex stock requirements such as serial number controlUtilises an unlimited number of Stock Status Codes and Locations, including virtual stock
Handle back to back business alongside stocked partsProvides varying degrees of flexibile status reporting & tracking and controlling all movements of stock
Manage deliveries and associated cash flowProvides multiple Cashbook facilities with staged payments, in and out

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