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Export Documentation Software

ManSys® Exporter documentation software uses that sub–set of the full ManSys® system needed by those who just need a solution for shipping / export documentation and associated shipping requirements.

Export Documentation

ManSys® Exporter is available for on-site installation or in a “Cloud” version meaning that it can be accessed via a browser from any PC, phone or tablet to produce accurate, professional, standards-compliant documentation.

ManSys® Exporter is available on a pay-as-you-go basis should you choose that option.

Reporting: ManSys® Exporter comes with a suite of reports for the exporter. However, we find that almost every client wants something specific to their own business and we support that requirement by providing an easy way for non-technical end users to export data to Excel and do their custom reporting from there.

Documents:   ManSys® Exporter comes with a comprehensive suite of international trade documents. While most clients find these entirely suitable, customisations or additional documents can be produced using the well-known crystal report tool.

International trade data:  ManSys® Exporter comes with pre-loaded data including all Countries, Incoterms, Worldwide Ports, Airports & Places as well as the full range of Commodity Codes, with appropriate descriptions.

Need help?  Our technical support team is available during UK business hours by telephone or email under the annual licence, rental or pay-as-you-go agreement.

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