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ManSys Customs & Export Documentation Software

ManSys® Exporter uses that sub-set of the full ManSys® system needed by those who just need an export software solution for shipping / export documentation and associated shipping requirements.

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ManSys® Exporter is available for on-site installation or in a “Cloud” version meaning that it can be accessed via a browser from any PC, phone or tablet to produce accurate, professional, standards-compliant documentation. To reduce Compliance risk use our Product Classification service to identify correct Commodity Codes (or “HS”  Harmonisation codes) and submit Customs Declarations directly to HMRC’s CHIEF or CDS systems.

Reporting: ManSys® Exporter comes with a suite of reports for the exporter. However, we find that almost every client wants something specific to their own business and we support that requirement by providing an easy way for non-technical end users to export data to Excel and do their custom reporting from there.

Documents:   ManSys® Exporter comes with a comprehensive suite of international trade documents. While most clients find these entirely suitable, customisations or additional documents can be produced using widely available tools. Standard documents include:

  • Invoices; Proforma / Shipping / Commercial etc.
  • Packing Lists; various formats including unpriced invoices.
  • Special Country Invoices & CCVO’s; C16, C61, Caricom etc.
  • Dangerous Goods Notes; IMO & IATA
  • Bank, Insurance & L/C
  • Certificates of Origin; Arab, EC and others (inc. links to Chamber systems)
  • Shipping Instructions; B/L format & ECSI
  • Others; CMR, ATR, EUR
  • Customs Declarations; C88 (for data)

International trade data:  ManSys® Exporter comes with pre-loaded data including Countries & States (around 250), Ports & Places (around 100,000), Delivery Terms (Incoterms) and all EU/UK Commodity Codes (over 14,000) with appropriate descriptions.

Need help?  Our technical support team is available during UK business hours by telephone or email under the licence or rental  agreement.

Why Businesses Need Import / Export Software

The business world continues to grow, becoming increasingly interconnected with more businesses tapping into foreign markets and importing and exporting internationally. Consequently, the demand for software that optimises the import / export process grows every day. Businesses need to keep control of the process and with our software, this is made much easier.

Our system provides businesses with an easy way to complete export documents safely and securely. With ManSys/Exporter automation, you can save time, eliminate mistakes and improve efficiency. Having compliant export documentation is essential to ensuring international businesses run smoothly.

We know that every business has unique needs and our export documentation system can be tailored to suit your requirements. Streamline your export process today with our flexible system that ensures complete visibility, greater accuracy and compliance to export regulations.

Need help?  Our technical support team is available during UK business hours by telephone or email under the  licence or rental agreement.

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