More Customer Stories

With ManSys now in day–to–day use, the 10 strong procurement team is looking at a 20% decrease in workload, bringing it back once again to manageable levels, despite increasing volumes.”
Operations Manager, Building Materials Export Company
“ManSys most closely fitted the requirements of a governmental procurement agency and was clearly demonstrated to have potential for future enhancement.”
Operations Manager, Government Procurement Agency
Both managers and operators are able to find and track information quickly and accurately.”
Operations Director, UN Agency Supplier
Having immediate access to ‘real–time’ positions also allows management to respond immediately to events if they so choose.
Director, UN Agency Supplier
ManSys was a near perfect fit to our business processes and, at a reasonable price, such a flexible system was the clear winner. One of the main benefits, is that ManSys is intuitive to use which means limited training is needed to get staff up and running.
Operations Director, UN Agency Supplier
ManSys gives you structure and means there is no place to hide. This is essential in our industry.
Finance Director, Flagship Store in leading Pharmaceutical Chain
We chose ManSys as it was a fully integrated quotations, procurement, sales order processing and stock control solution designed specifically for our type of business. It had the full audit trail required by MoD and we would only ever enter data once, much of that electronically. We felt it offered good value at the time and it is now invaluable to us.
Director – International Military Aviation Parts Company
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