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What is ManSys?

ManSys is an international trading software program for managing all aspects of the business of International Trade and Export. ManSys is used by staff and management at all levels to make their work more accurate, quicker and easier, it is the perfect solution for foreign trade software. Re–keying and associated errors are eliminated and management information is available for all activities.

ManSys International Trading Software

ManSys core functions include Enquiry Management, Sourcing, Quotations, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoicing, Shipping (including Shipping & Documentation), Product History, Client & Supplier History and Management Reporting.

Trading Software from ManSys

Choose ManSys as your operational software solution if you are seeking international trading software that:

  • A system designed from the outset for international trade
  • Configurable control over all of your operational activities
  • Substantial productivity gains
  • Outstanding management reporting
  • Contract risk management
  • A quick and straightforward implementation
  • A company with 20+ years of experience
  • Rapid return–on–investment
  • An intuitive and easy to use solution
  • ‘Off the shelf’ integration with your financial accounting or ERP system

Optional modules include Stock Management, Freight Costings and Client Internet Access.

Run your business your way:

ManSys is chosen by clients because it provides all of the comprehensive functionality needed for international trade and because it can be configured to meet each client’s specific requirements.

A core and unique component of ManSys trading software is the “Screen Designer”. The Screen Designer enables end users without technical capability to customise any screen to their own requirement. This is, of course, a facility that is controlled and audited while being immensely powerful. Whether it’s a stripped-down version of a standard screen for rapidly processing common orders or a specialised form for the shipping of hazardous chemicals, ManSys can be adapted using the Screen Designer.

ManSys provides hundreds of functions and unparalleled customisability, security and control. For handling large numbers of transactions or running an entire international trade business with a suite of bespoke management functions, ManSys is the complete package.

Reporting: ManSys International trading software comes with a comprehensive suite of reports. However, we find that almost every client wants something specific to their own business and we support that requirement by providing an easy way for non-technical end users to export data to Excel and do their custom reporting from there.

Documents: ManSys comes with a comprehensive suite of international trade documents. While most clients find these entirely suitable, customisations or additional documents can be produced using the well-known Crystal Reports tool.

International trade data: ManSys trading software comes with pre-loaded data including all Countries, Ports & Places, Delivery Terms and Commodity Codes. This is why ManSys is the best foreign trade software.

Working on-the move? ManSys has an optional module “ManSys Mobile”.

Need help? Our technical support team is available during UK business hours by telephone or email under the annual licence or rental agreement.

Read about ManSys/Exporter here.

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