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ManSys Limited is an independent UK software company, established in 1998, specialising in business management solutions for international trade including software for generating customs & trade documentation.

The company founders had the benefit of working with two earlier generations of software solutions for international trade. Product design and development is now provided by the experienced ManSys team with its extensive knowledge of all aspects of trade and exporting. Product enhancements derive from working closely alongside clients, listening and responding to their business needs and ideas.

Based in Sussex, UK, ManSys offers both high-quality software products and dedicated business-hours technical support. The experienced team design and develop the ManSys® software in-house, applying many decades of experience in international trade including global export management. Because ManSys develops and owns all its software our technical implementation and support teams are deeply knowledgeable about the software and the international trade market we support.




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For most clients ManSys® is integrated with an accounting or ERP system. There are many ways the system can be integrated including flat files, direct database integration and web services / API’s. Data can be passed to and from ManSys® with full audit trail.

ManSys has migrated clients from many competitive systems and can often offer a proven migration path. This includes Spex and ExportPro which are prevalent in Shipping Departments, particularly in the UK. When migrating from Spex or ExportPro, existing interfaces can be used to minimise implementation time and cost. All Master File information can be transferred too, saving valuable time. If you’re currently using Spex or ExportPro and want something more modern, more configurable, easier to use and with a migration path to the Cloud, please contact us.