Foodstuffs, Personal Care & Chemicals

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Product identification and traceability in the Foodstuffs, Personal Care & Chemicals industries can be critical both for your clients and your business. Businesses specialising in foodstuffs, personal care & chemicals have to be able to track both the purchase and sale of individual products and have access to the documentation for auditing and shipping them.

ManSys® has the flexibility and comprehensive auditing functions necessary to enable smart management of products, suppliers, clients and contracts. ManSys® can produce the necessary documentation to transport sensitive or restricted goods and record the necessary information to ship them compliantly.

ManSys® is able to record and track any aspect of a product, from dimensions and weights to individual product codes, shelf lives and expiry dates. It also allows production and tracking of audit trails and enhances stock visibility, with functions to allow for multi-sourcing of products and complex product codes and packaging.

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