Procurement & General Trade

Certifications & Memberships

International traders need to be very responsive to customer enquiries and provide excellent customer service – all on tight profit margins. Exchange rates fluctuate and cash-flow can become difficult to manage. Inadequate access to finance can be a barrier to expansion for many companies so having immediate access to committed credit by customer can be critical. ManSys® is invaluable for navigating the shifting landscapes of e-commerce and finance. The software enables you to easily communicate with clients, gain access to comprehensive information resources and produce professional-standard documentation compliant with local regulations. In addition, ManSys® allows you to ensure that all transactions are profitable, avoiding contracts incurring losses, potentially caused by human or technical error. You can keep track of changing currency values, import and manipulate extensive lists of product information and integrate with your finance or ERP system. To help manage finances, ManSys® optionally provides multiple Cashbook facilities with staged payments,

At Management Level

ManSys® provides managers with the ability to access detailed information about business transactions, shipments, products, clients, profitability and riskDeals and operations can be tracked either by periodic reports or by setting up workflow triggers that will proactively provide alerts about operational events.

At Staff Level

ManSys® streamlines the business operations and allows every user to access the information they need whenever they need it. Transactional and other data only ever needs to be input once for it to be available to all authorised staff. The system stores a complete history of every price, quote and delivery for every customer, product and contract. The system is designed to be intuitive and easy to use, reducing stress and allowing employees to get more done in less time. ManSys® provides full support for the complexities of international trade such as:
  • Multi–Sourcing, Multi–Currency and Multi–Company
  • mobile solutions
  • support for complex and special Commissions
  • delivery and associated cash flow management
  • “Tolerances” to facilitate back–to–back business
  • ability to process products without coding them
  • support for multiple invoices for a single transaction
  • production of documentation in any format with full colour, fonts and graphics.
For a discussion about the ways many companies in these industries rely on ManSys® to meet stringent product management requirements and gain a competitive edge, please contact us. Request a Case Study