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ManSys®: International Trade & Customs Software Package

The core functions of our global trade management software include Enquiry Management, Sourcing, Quotations, Sales Orders, Purchase Orders, Invoicing, Shipping (including Shipping & Export Documentation), Product History, Client & Supplier History and Management Reporting. Click here for more information on our trading software package.

ManSys® Exporter: Customs & Export Documentation:

ManSys® Exporter uses that sub–set of the full ManSys® system needed by those who only need a solution for shipping / export documentation and associated shipping requirements. To reduce Compliance risk use our Product Classification service to identify correct Commodity Codes (or “HS”  Harmonisation codes) and submit Customs Declarations directly to HMRC’s CHIEF or CDS systems. ManSys® Exporter is available for on-site installation or in a “Cloud” version. The use of our system via the ‘Cloud’ means that it can be accessed via a browser from any PC, phone or tablet to produce accurate, professional, standards-compliant documentation. Using the software on-site or via the ‘Cloud’ has a range of benefits, feel free to contact us to discuss which installation is best for you. Click the link for more information on our brilliant customs & export documentation software.