Why ManSys?



ISO 9001 & 27001 Certified

Member of the Institute of Export & International Trade

Why Use ManSys®?

Global Trade Solutions

ManSys® is chosen by organisations that buy, sell or trade goods and are looking to enhance their global practices with a fantastic global trade management software. The full international trading software system is used by trading & procurement companies while a subset of functionality meets the needs of the export departments of corporates that already have an ERP solution.

ManSys® handles multiple types of goods in both sector–specific configurations and for company specific requirements.

ManSys® is used all over the world and on every continent. Remote access is possible in a number of ways and interfaces exist to many ERP and Accounts systems including SAP, JDE, EFACS, Epicor, Dynamics, IFS, Maginus, Sage, Pegasus, Exact, Iris / Exchequer, Xero and many bespoke software systems.

ManSys® users find themselves able to:

  • Take on substantial increases in business without additional staff, reducing costs and improving efficiency
  • Identify and control contract risk by accurately evaluating and tracking costs and selling prices
  • Monitor and improve profitability, whether by transaction, by client, by market or by product
  • Be more responsive to every customer enquiry received, whether by paper, fax or email – reducing time and effort to quote & maximizing sales opportunities
  • Produce smart, tailored documentation; manage Letters of Credit; control Freight Costings
  • Improve customer service and win more profitable business
Increase EfficiencyEnter data once and once only 

Immediate access to current and historical transactional + standing data

Eliminate errors within the team and in communication with suppliers and customers

Enhance productivityFewer people can complete more work in a shorter period – and maybe go home on time! 

Managers have direct access to information without interrupting staff

Expand the businessElectronically communicate with suppliers and prospects across the globe; integrate their data with your own in ManSys to allow you to win more business
Pay for what you useFees are charged by concurrent user and by the optional modules required, or on a pay-as-you-go basis
Leave old systems behindEasy migration from legacy systems, including Spex, ExportLite, ExportPro and TradingProcontact us for more information
Reduce dependence on ExcelMost relevant calculation listing and sorting functions are available
Manage riskCredit risk management including engaged credit
Control profitabilityManage profitability by quotation, transaction, product, client, geography
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