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Who can use ManSys?

ManSys is readily configured for any type of global trading, procurement, or export business. It can also be pre–configured to specific business sectors, minimising implementation effort and timescales.


Tools, Spares & Materials (incl Oil, Gas, & Petrochemical)

Many of our clients deal with widely diverse products, including the supply of “kits” and integration with catalogues.

Visit our Trade for Tools, Spares and Materials page for more information.

General Trade, Procurement & Aid

For general trade, our clients deal in any physical products, from axes to armoured vehicles, from boots to baths, from pans to paperclips. Clients could be bidding for the complete fitting of a hospital or school or supplying medical supplies or vehicles to countries in need. Users include organisations that manage bids for large or complex tenders, including those specific to UN requirements.

Visit our International Procurement page to read more information.

Pharmaceuticals, Chemicals & Foodstuffs Page

Healthcare, Chemical & Foodstuffs companies deal in materials that can be perishable or hazardous and must usually be batch or lot tracked; ManSys deals with all such complexities.

Visit this page for more information on the Export of Packaged Medicaments and Food Trade.

Defence, Naval & Aviation

ManSys supports companies operating in the heavily-regulated world of military naval and aeronautical logistics. ManSys provides complete traceability of parts and MoD level audit compliance.

Take a deeper look at our Defence Procurement page.

For a discussion about the ways many companies in these industries rely on ManSys to gain a competitive edge, please contact us.

Or for an applicable Case Study, please click here.

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