ManSys on Brexit

No-one knew exactly what Brexit might involve and even since the UK left the EU on 1st January 2021 there remain continuing areas of uncertainty.

Prior to Brexit we reminded our clients that the ManSys® software already had functionality to support buying goods to anywhere in the world or selling goods to anywhere in the world. Therefore, however the new rules might affect companies trading between the UK and Europe, trade transactions could be readily accommodated.

Some ManSys® users have been making minor configuration changes, such as adding EORI Numbers, in order to trade efficiently with European Union countries. The ManSys team has been and will continue to be on hand to advise users.

If you need to conduct international trade business in the post-Brexit world perhaps you should be considering our international trading software and exporting software.

The ManSys® package manages all aspects of global trade and export – and continues to do so post-Brexit.

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