ManSys on Brexit

No-one knows exactly what Brexit might involve, which means we at ManSys Ltd cannot predict what changes any users of our ManSys international trade software may need to make with respect to future imports or exports to European Union Countries.

What we have reminded our clients is that the ManSys software already has functionality to support buying goods from anywhere in the world or selling goods to anywhere in the world. Therefore whatever the new rules may be for trading between the UK and Europe we expect that transactions can readily be catered for without any new functionality needing to be developed.

It is possible that ManSys users will need to amend the way ManSys is currently configured for trade with European Union Countries, maybe relating to Intrastats or VAT, or by applying WTO trading standards. The ManSys team will be on hand to advise users on any changes that may need to be made and welcome contact once the situation becomes settled.

If you need to prepare yourself and your business for whatever Brexit may involve perhaps you should be considering our international trading software and exporting software.

The ManSys package manages all aspects of global trade and export – and will continue to do so… whatever the Brexit outcome.

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