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Dealing in tools and spare parts requires precision since supplying the wrong components can be a costly error. Furthermore, supplying spares can call for flexibility in locating alternatives plus an ability to accurately identify the correct part numbers. ManSys’ customisable master file lists and pre-loaded data sets can speed this process up significantly, and allow your company to map the complexities of your supply chain to the requirements of your customer.

ManSys supports this complex industry by understanding and accommodating its special needs such as:

  • Automatic Product ID generation – with manual override option
  • Kits – multiple parts grouped as a singular identity, with visibility of the content of a kit
  • Flow Control – safeguards individual company procedures
  • Stock Management – supporting multiple stock locations and re-ordering
  • Information about product equivalents and supersessions
  • Support for multiple suppliers for the same product
  • Virtual and negative stock capability
“With ManSys now in day–to–day use, the 10 strong procurement team is looking at a 20% decrease in workload, bringing it back once again to manageable levels, despite increasing volumes.”
Operations Manager, Building Materials Export Company
“The ManSys product has worked very well for us over the years. We have also had good support from the team at ManSys when it mattered most and would not hesitate to recommend ManSys to businesses with an export focus.
Tim Thompson, Commercial Director of Sealey Group

For a discussion about the way ManSys leads the industry standards in this area and helps businesses gain a competitive edge please contact us.

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