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Dealing in tools and spare parts requires precision since supplying the wrong components can be a costly error. Furthermore, supplying spares can call for flexibility in locating alternatives plus an ability to accurately identify the correct part numbers. ManSys® customisable master file lists and pre-loaded data sets can speed this process up significantly, and allow your company to map the complexities of your supply chain to the requirements of your customer. ManSys® supports this complex industry by understanding and accommodating its special needs such as:
  • Automatic Product ID generation – with manual override option
  • Kits – multiple parts grouped as a singular identity, with visibility of the content of a kit
  • Flow Control – safeguards individual company procedures
  • Stock Management – supporting multiple stock locations and re-ordering
  • Information about product equivalents and supersessions
  • Support for multiple suppliers for the same product
  • Virtual and negative stock capability

For a discussion about the ways many companies in these industries rely on ManSys® to meet stringent product management requirements and gain a competitive edge, please contact us.

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